Blinky Flashy Coasters Set
Blinky Flashy Coasters Set
Blinky Flashy Coasters Set
Blinky Flashy Coasters Set

Blinky Flashy Coasters Set

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Yup, a double meaning description, but they are Both Flashy as well as "FLASHY" Decor.  And, so easy to operate.  High End Acrylic

Thin Coasters for your Drinks or Under Bottles or Motifs and Statues around Your Home is sure to make Your Event the One that is Remembered...the Event that is Talked About!

As you know, a spectacular event doesn't seem spectacular unless, of course, there are flashy lights involved!

You've seen those bulky thin plastic single color single flash hideous coasters in restaurants and clubs throughout the U.S. everywhere.  And, still you've wanted one...because they are really cool though made cheaply, only have the one solid color and break very easily. 

Well how 'bout something streamlined, is capable of so much more, is thin, and a stunning asset to any table setting whether lit or not?

These gorgeous clear acrylic set will boost the appeal of your countertop to amplify the spirits of any occasion be it the square set, round ones, white LED or color LEDs. 

Exciting push button multiple pattern light pulses (see the video). 

Weddings, formal dinners, holidays, and special occasions are perfect for the white light coasters.  This same entertainment list, and just about every other celebratory occasion added to the list, could be elevated by use of the multi-color ones. 

Both are highly attractive classy festive sets. This quintet is an entertainment "must have" for your next gathering. 

Buy several sets for larger gatherings.

Sneak a couple of white ones into the restaurant to set the mood in a quiet corner dinner for two...very romantic and stylish, especially if it's used to showcase something like possibly an engagement ring box?

Let's start you off with a five piece set:  four glass placements and a bottle of wine base.  (Or, for the fifth may want to hide so it won't get stolen by guests).

  • Disk Diameter 3.9 inches (10 cm).  The rounded edge Square is similar in size.
  • Durable Acrylic in case your guests get a little out of control.
  • Three Light Patterns that can Flash Pulses of Light.
  • Discrete top center of each coaster is a push control button for various effects.
  • Additional use could be a gin or tonic base (or anniversary ring or gift?).
  • The Battery life is estimated to be around 10 hours.

Make sure your amazing new assets don't become a guest's new favorite souvenir as they leave...tacky, but with something this exciting, your friends are bound to want one too!