Mushy Bits Zapper
Mushy Bits Zapper
Mushy Bits Zapper
Mushy Bits Zapper
Mushy Bits Zapper
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Mushy Bits Zapper

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New Salon Grade Medical Technology for Home Use Application. 

Replace and Surpass Liposuction.

Introduction to the Public at Wholesale Pricing for a Limited Time Only. 

I use this myself and in 5 uses, lost the nasty embarrassing 20 year left over missed lipo surgery knot on my thigh with accompanying bulge dimple (was so embarrassing and huge - it's gone now!).  Lost my Frankenstein "fat knots" under my ears.  Lost layers of the fat in my cheeks (can actually see my ears now).  Chins are tightening nicely - this is so fast!   I Highly Recommend This Amazing New Technology Product - stronger and more effective (from personal experience) than the equipment I've seen / that was used on me at many wellness centers in the past.  Hope you can grab one while they last...

Let your "new you" emerge from years of putting everyone else's needs ahead of your own.  Yes, you take care of YOU at a fraction of the cost of just one visit to a wellness center.


The posh world of high tech devices to address your major "bugaboos" that used to frighten you away by the $300-$500 minimum entry fees per visit for very limited services of single target areas with a minimum of ten sessions required is no longer your concern.  The $5,000 and $10,000 price tags can finally stop stressing you out every year.  

Now you don't have to pay for massively expensive spa treatments at medical wellness centers and salons for cavitation applications of tough fat pockets and sagging skin areas.  And, this unit is even great for extreme back pain and sore muscles due to it's ultrasound waves and heat for deep penetration.   

Medical Notes for Spa (or At Home) Clients:

The Mushy Bits Zapper utilizes 60000HZ sound waves reaching deep into fat layers and breaking up stubborn cellulite for removal.  High frequency vibration leads to friction among fat cells and consumption of heat and water, thus shrinking them.

At the same time, unilateral vibration also causes a strong impact on fat cells, and that's when cavitation occurs, in which cavities or bubbles move, grow and burst.  When these cavities that grow in and out of fat cells burst due to pressure change, fat cells burst too, thus dissolving the triglyceride to be the glycerin and free fatty acid in a way achieving the ideal effect of fat removal.

Which bears the questions:  Are You Ready to Rid Yourself of those pesky pockets of Fat and Tighten that Saggy Skin from your arms, legs, hips, stomach, underarms, bottom, and thighs? 

Are you Ready to Get Your Body Back?

Skeptical because you already tried a bunch of pricy tinker toy hand held massage gismos with tons of complicated buttons, special gloves, flashy lights and hanging electrodes that just didn't work? 

You've tried Diets. 

You've tried Awkward Exercises that had zero Body Shaping effects?

The Expense of a Spa to have the Use Lesser Power Equipment used on Your Single Target Areas for Thousands of Dollars is financially Out of Your Reach.

Well start jumping for joy.  You Found the Mother of Ultrasonic Cavitation Devices with Massive Power - 60khz Ultrasonic Magic!  

It's Simple.  It's Easy to Operate, It's Faster with the Newest Tech and Strongest power...meaning It's Very Effective! 

Whether you've lost or gained weight, pesky pudgy pockets of annoying bulges seem to Pop Up Everywhere.  And as for the Extra that's another level of frustration altogether of frustration.

It's time to Reshape Your Body...Turn Your Clock Backwards on all of the Icky Bits. 

It's time to fight back!  

With the Power of Advanced Medical Spa Salon Technology in the Mushy Bits and Sloppy Sags Remediator, you can Win Your Body Back for less than it costs for just one initial treatment in a "wellness spa" session of just "one area."

Stop Avoiding a carefree social life wearing whatever you want to because of your nagging sags and fat pockets:

  • Get back into that Swimsuit with Confidence.
  • Go back to Wearing Sleeveless Apparel. 
  • Short Shorts Can Be Part of your Wardrobe Again!


Perfect combination of fat dissolving, vibration, and red LED help Blast Fat Cells and Reduce Size.

Rapid Strong Vibration, Deep Heat and Accelerated Ultrasound Waves Circulation cause Fat Cells to Rupture presenting Greater and More Visible effects when compared with traditional ultrasonic lipolysis.

Targeted only at Adipocytes without Damaging other Tissues, Nerves, Vessels, and Lymphocytes.

Address Your Entire Body NOW!  

Why "tickle" the problem area?  Why not address the problem quickly with 60khz of targeted power whenever and wherever you want to (within reason of course). Reduce Your Tummy, Legs, Buttocks, Arms...the areas that make you loose sleep at night and avoid nearly all outdoor and celebratory events.

Who wouldn't want it to take few months to Fix Everything - all the Annoying Areas Addressed at Once - Fixed in a Few Short Months.

Why keep pouring out Thousands of dollars Every Year addressing only One Area at a Time at a medical center or wellness spa?  

Why not have the Latest Technology in a New Home Version that is Substantially More Powerful?

  • End the clothes shopping nightmare because your fat and sags will be eliminated. 
  • End the Mortifying Fear of anyone ever seeing you naked as you Fixed the Problem Areas.

Yes, You can Fix This Now - at Home!

Here are a few of the Proud Owner reviews.  Read why people are raving about Mushy Bits & Sloppy Sags Remediator:

Depressing fat mongers bulges will to melt away and free you from your previous anxiety. 

Go ahead, tighten those unwelcome skin draggers all over your body in the privacy of your own home.

  • Skin Tightening so you can always stay on top of the sags.
  • Skin Rejuvenation as most of us get way to much sun and need a reboot.
  • Vibration Massage - Who doesn't need a massage at lease once a week?
  • Lots of Users Boast it's Great for Weight Loss too.
  • Ultrasonic 60KHz Power New Tech, the most powerful home unit.
  • Touch Ups Whenever You Want Them!

This is the solution to all your problem areas.

Keep those thousands of dollars burned every year at the local spa or wellness center in your pocket this year where it belongs....then go on the vacation of your dreams wearing clothes you never though you could again. 

Achieve better results than you ever could have imagined with this Incredible Technological Advance.  You Deserve This!  

Limited Quantity Available.  Hurry, Get Your Introductory Priced Remediator Now before supplies run out and the introductory offer disappears.  Get Yours Now!